consultancy_diagramOur consultancy division is a networked collection of highly-skilled professionals. Our combined knowledge spans Users, Customers and Suppliers. This includes first-hand experience of operating and maintaining equipment during training and operations.

This enables us to integrate with Armed Forces, MOD and Government agency personnel. Our detailed understanding of fielded solutions allows us to help devise future requirements.
As well as working with customers / end-users our consultants can assist suppliers. This includes responding to customer requirements, solution design and logistic support. We are also able to support all aspects of the bid process including pink, red and black team events.

Examples of support to recent projects include:

  • Lockheed Martin
    • Space Systems Network Enabled Air Defence & Surveillance Consultancy
    • Joint Fires Synthetic Training
  • Leidos
    • Air Defence Ground Environment
  • Northrop Grumman
    • Defence Operational Training Capability (Air)
  • Niteworks
    • Automated Sense & Warn 
    • Falkland Islands Ground Based Air Defence

Operational Solutions is an Associate Member of Niteworks and has supplied personnel to approximately 100 Niteworks projects.