Drone Defence


Drone Defence Products / Solutions

OSL offers a comprehensive range of solutions to detect, track, identify and, where legal, defeat rogue drones. A rogue drone can be as simple as an accidental ‘flyaway’ by a hobbyist flyer. But it could also be a rather more malicious event.

In devising our solutions, we drew upon the considerable breadth and depth of expertise available to us. To deliver a counter drone system we work with the client to identify their needs across many areas. This starts by clarifying the nature of the drone problem the client has. We also seek to establish what existing and extra resources the client is able to commit to the problem. We assess many sensor types across a range of prices. In each case we aim to identify the ‘best of breed’ for each type and at each price level.

This then allows us to recommend appropriate sensors to a broad cross section of clients. In the majority of cases, the recommended system will comprise a mixture of sensors. It is then essential to display these sensor outputs via an intuitive interface which is easy to use and has a low false-alarm rate. This then presents a picture of the situation in real-time. OSL has created its own interface system to meet these needs. This features automated decision support to increase the chances of a successful response.