‘Skills on Demand’ – Managed and Surge Support

  • Assembly and Test Specialists for electronic and mechanical factory-based manufacturing programmes
  • Technicians to support 1st line maintenance, support activities to short & long term projects and repairs, upgrades and diagnostics, worldwide
  • 24/7 manned Technician support to communications systems at high security sites
  • Unique Service Level Agreements with pre-defined Rate Decks allow unlimited usage

UK Combined Arms Task Trainer (UK CATT)

  • Fully-integrated Battle Scenario Simulator
  • Training for British Land Forces in Warminster
  • 20 Managed Support personnel as well as
 meeting Surge demands for UK & BAOR CATT
  • Long-term contract since 2002

Managed & Surge Support

  • Support of AS&W Technologies
  • Completed 4-year contract in Afghanistan,
 with 12 staff embedded in military end-user
  • Currently providing support & training to OEM
 & end-user